Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canals

The idea of a root canal might sound scary, but you would be surprised to learn how little pain the procedure actually causes. Instead, it saves your tooth, protects your attractive smile, and eliminates all signs of infection and decay. If one or more of your teeth are in bad shape, a root canal could be just what the tampa endodontist ordered.

Will My Root Canal Be Painful?

The most prevalent myth surrounding the root canal procedure involves how much pain it will cause. When the first modern root canals were performed many decades ago, dentists were using more primitive methods of technology and anesthetics that did cause patients pain. However, endodontists who perform root canals today have access to a wide range of impressively advanced tools that help patients enjoy a pain-free root canal with very little discomfort.  The most that you will feel is some sensitivity in the few days after your root canal, but common medications like Advil and Tylenol will help you stay comfortable!

How Do I Know If I Need a Root Canal?

A root canal becomes necessary when the nerve or pulp of your tooth becomes infected and inflamed due to dental decay or injury. Some people experience extreme pain and sensitivity when a tooth has been compromised and needs a root canal, but other people only experience mild pain that they hardly notice. The most common symptoms you’re likely to feel are sensitivity to hot and cold food and beverages, tender and swollen gums, and pain when you chew and talk says St. petersburg dentist Stephen Obrochta. Depending on the condition of your tooth, you may even be able to visibly see the damage.

What Is Involved in a Root Canal?

Once you understand the steps of a root canal, it may not seem so scary. After the area of your mouth being treated is numbed with a local anesthetic, a sheet of rubber called a “rubber dam” will be placed around your tooth to keep it protected from saliva. Next, your endodontist will drill a hole into the affected tooth and use specially designed tools to remove the infected pulp tissue and nerves. Don’t worry, you won’t feel anything during this process! Once everything has been removed from your tooth, it will be totally sanitized, filled with amalgam to replace the pulp, and sealed. That’s it!

Three Oral Issues That Might Impact You With Age

The body changes in many ways as it ages, but some issues like decline in vision and increased risk of heart attack are better understood than others. In particular, many people don’t realize how vulnerable their oral health becomes as they get older. The following three oral issues are likely to occur as you age, so it’s important to utilize strategic preventative measures to keep your mouth as healthy as possible.

Diminished Gum Health

Remember that your mouth is far more than just a collection of teeth says Dr. Samual of Advanced Dental Arts, a local dentist Wesley Chapel, Fl. Your gum health will dictate the health of your teeth and even the wellness of the rest of your body, so it’s not something to ignore. Your gums provide an anchor for your teeth and a protective barrier against oral bacteria, but poor oral health decisions run the risk of weakening your gums and causing disease to develop. As you get older, avoid smoking, brush twice each day, floss at least once each day, and rinse with mouthwash in order to keep your gums strong and capable of fighting infection.

Dry Mouth

We all know what it feels like to have a dry mouth on a hot day when there is no water nearby, but chronic dry mouth becomes far more common with aging. Dry mouth might occur naturally or due to certain medications, but either way the result is the same. Since saliva is so important to wash away bacteria and food particles, dry mouth causes too much bacteria to accumulate inside of the mouth and harm the teeth and gum resulting in sometimes permanent dental implants. Fortunately, resolving dry mouth is as simple as talking to your dentist to find the best solution for your situation.

Eroded Enamel

Enamel is the protective white layer of your teeth, but years and years of chewing, grinding, and exposure cause the enamel to become eroded. Enamel can’t be replaced once it is lost, so prevention is the best course of action. Don’t chew on hard objects like ice or pen caps, and avoid consuming highly acidic foods like citrus fruits and coffee unless you can rinse with water right away. If you can protect your enamel from erosion over the years, your teeth will remain stronger and more attractive. If you need to speak with a Tampa endodontist, consider researching a local one near you.

Dermal Fillers For More Than the Face

You have undoubtedly heard all about dermal fillers like Radiesse and Juvederm that use hyaluronic acid and other formulas to add lost volume to the face and wipe away wrinkles in no time at all, but do you know that a few of these dermal fillers can also be used for more than the skin on your face?

Juvederm for the Lips
Juvederm is a family of fillers that offers popular products to reverse moderate to severe wrinkles and other unwanted signs of aging, but it also differentiates itself from the competition by offering West palm beach Juvederm Ultra XC and Juvederm Volbella XC. Both of these products use hyaluronic acid to add fullness and plumpness to the lips. Hyaluronic acid is an incredibly important component to healthy tissue, because it is largely responsible for hydration and volume. This means that when the hyaluronic acid formula of Juvederm is injected into the lips, it adds a boost of volume that was previously only possible with permanent fat injections.

Talk to your dermatologist if you’re not sure which type of Juvederm is best for your lips. Typically, Juvederm Ultra XC is best for patients looking to add bold new volume to their lips, while Juvederm Volbella is formulated for a more delicate application that only adds subtle volume and simultaneously softens vertical lines above the lip. Both formulations provide natural results for up to one year.

Radiesse For the Hands
Though the face receives the most focus related to anti-aging treatments, the hands also endure excessive sun exposure and overuse that cause them to show signs of aging. Take a quick look at your hands; can you see blue veins and spidery tendons more exposed than they were a few years ago? Radiesse West Palm Beach is the dermal filler FDA approved to fight such signs of aging in the hands. Instead of hyaluronic acid, Radiesse actually uses a CaHA formula that not only replenishes lost volume in the hands but also triggers the skin to produce its own natural collagen so that the skin can remain vibrant and healthy long after the CaHA microspheres disappear.

Thanks to its impressive results, a Radiesse injection in the hands is now known as the “hand lift.” This treatment creates fuller, healthier-looking hands by restoring lost volume and reversing the bulges and bony appearance commonly associated with age. These naturally smooth results appear instantly and remain for a year or more.

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